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Balogh Pasta Plc. has become one of the Hungary’s largest dried pasta manufacturers company after 25 years of its operation.
It is a family business from the start, 100% Hungarian-owned business, which procures its raw materials from Hungarian suppliers, employing local Hungarian people. Our dried pasta products is made from Italian pasta machines. Our pasta product portfolio includes dried pastas without egg, pastas with eggs and durum wheat pastas. Our strategy is to increase our local market share and our competitiveness and launch our products into new export markets. Due to our strategies, it is generating our continuous development, capacity increase.

  • In October 1993, we have established our activity as a small family enterprise located at Jászkarajenő (HU-2746) in a very small building. At the beginnig we worked with small Hungarian made pasta machines, which required lot of hand made work.
  • In 1998, the company started to manufacture its one of the most successful products, called „családi” pasta without egg packaged into 1 kg.
  • The capacity of the enterprise’s first plant, proved to be insufficient after a few years, and in 2002 the need emerged for construction of a new dried pasta factory as a green filed investment. At that time we have purchased our first Italian pasta machines, which was partly automated. After the investment, the production has been increased and we have launched „Tetővári” product group, which is containing 4 eggs and our „Pasta Duro” product group, which is made from a very good quality Hungarian durum wheat.
  • In 2009, we have purchased a full automatic Italian short pasta machines with a production capacity of 1.000 kilogram / hour. Due to the extension of the company and our BRC Food Safety certificate, we become supplier of big multinational chains.
  • In 2011, the company has changed its legal form to Public Limited Company with shares.
  • In 2012, which was again a milestone in our life, we have invested into a new and modern long pasta machine. After that, our product portfolio has increased with Makaroni and spagetti.
  • In 2013, we have launched our „Régimódi” pasta group containing 2 eggs. Due to our continuous development, the plant reached the limit of its capacity in 2013 at Jászkarajenő. Therefore we have dedided to invest into a new plant.
  • The construction of the new green field plant began in July 2015 located at Tiszakécske (HU-6060). The first phase has production lines capable of manufacturing and packaging 2.250 kilograms of dried pasta / hour with Italian machines. The total area is 85.000, the plant is 8.544 square metres.
  • Our brand new production plant has been commenced in July 2017, which is one the largest dried pasta production plant of Hungary. Due to our capacity increase, we are able to produce 100 tons of pasta / day.
  • In 2016, Balogh Pasta Plc. manufactured 9.000 tonnes of dried pasta products.
  • Our plan is to produce and sell 10.000 tonnes of dried pasta products in 2017.

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