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Thank you very much that you are interested about our company, Balogh Tészta Zrt. Our main activity is manufacturing and distributing of our excellent quality dried pastas.  We are producing pastas without eggs, pastas with different number of eggs from a very good hungarian soft wheat and durum wheat pastas also from hungarian durum wheat samolina.

Our company is one the largest pasta factory in Central-Europa with two manufacturing locations. Our new factory at Tiszakécske has the most modern pasta production technology in Europe. We have 3 production lines with an annual capacity of 34.000 tons of pasta (100 tons / day).

You can find more details about our company under about us. We are exporting pasta to many European countries, Ukraine, China and Africa. You can see our products under our product.

In case you would like to contact to our company, please look at our accessibility under contact details. You can also fill up our contact details application form. Our colleagues will contact you soon.



(soft wheat pasta 1000g)


(soft wheat pasta 400g)


(soft wheat pasta with 2 eggs 400g)


(soft wheat pasta with 2 eggs 500g)

Pasta Duro

(premium durum pasta 400g)

Over the past 20 years, we have developed the following product lines to meet the highest possible customer requirements.

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